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Tourists cars at The Trail Shop, 1923.

Old Trail Shop

Trail Shop was founded as a stagecoach stop for travelers, between Cody and Yellowstone in 1922. Wiley Sherwin built Trail Shop at the edge of the Wapiti Valley, a perfect place for people to rest, get a drink, eat and admire the beautiful mountain views. Wileys children made souvenirs to sell to the visitors, such as horns, rocks and handmade jewelry. Over the years Wiley added buildings for the growing demand of rooms and bathrooms.  

Today, Trail Shop maintains its original purpose, as a rest stop for the Yellowstone traveler. Since 2000, Trail Shop has gone through many renovations, including the dining room and bar and an upgrade in all rooms and bathrooms. We remodeled the garage and turned it into #10, our rental house. With all of the changes Trail Shop has been through, it has maintained its western hospitality as a welcoming rest stop for Yellowstone travelers and local residents. 

Trail Shop, 1921.

Yellowstone Tourists at The Trail Shop on the Cody Road, 1924.

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